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No More Worrying About Clean Socks!

The Frequent Traveler Plan is an excellent choice for the busy Professional who travels on a regular basis for work or play. The convenience of having a fresh pair of socks during travel is like bringing the comfort of home on the road.

Pick your style of sock, fill in your information such as your Username (example: blueheel1) which can be used to sign in and edit details of your membership. With your paid membership you’ll receive a FREE organizer / travel bag with 1 pair of socks (the same as you chose for your plan) to get started! After that you’ll receive two pairs of socks every month! All this for a one time membership fee of $25 and $7.50 per month + shipping. Plus you can upgrade or cancel at any time! What are you waiting for? Signup today!

Three Great Styles to Choose From!


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