Where Ur Socks At? Indeed! Here’s what we know: people continue to lose their socks all the time, don’t take care of the ones they keep and still pay too much to replace them. Isn’t it time you got a better return on your sock investment?

Blue Heel is committed to making quality products in the US that are low cost and customizable to fit your style. We’re different because our products are made from nylon and recycled nylon instead of cotton. The materials and process we use keep our cost down and give us great flexibility. So you get the feel of a true hosiery product, one that’s breathable and the colors don’t fade. You can even pick your own style, color, pattern or logo to fit your lifestyle and we can turn it around in a couple weeks. Try doing that with socks made overseas!

Don’t get hosed by foreign-made products at inflated market prices. Blue Heel can help you get your Sock Swagger back! Be your own brand, with your own style and invest in the US with Blue Heel Socks.


The Cheap Hose Bros

Blue Heel